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Caution- The 2019 Calendar Year Has Yet Another International Return Requirement

Caution- The 2019 Calendar Year Has Yet Another International                                   Return Requirement

 By Anthony Diosdi

Individuals with foreign assets are subject to never ending informational return requirements. This tax year there is yet another international reporting requirement. Form BE-10 is a benchmark survey from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (“BEA”) which is under the United States Department of Commerce. The BE-10 is conducted every five years and is designed to collect information for all U.S. direct investments abroad from both large and small entities. The BE-10 treats all individuals as entities or companies

The 2019 calendar year is a “Benchmark Year.” This means if you or a business that you own conducts any business outside the United States or holds assets outside the United States, you may be required to file a BE-10. Unlike FBAR informational returns, there is no $10,000 threshold. The minimum threshold required to file a BE-10 is very low. Failure to file a BE-10 can result in a civil penalty of not less than $2,500 and not more than $25,000. There is also a $10,000 civil penalty for those who willfully fail to file a BE-10. In addition, the government can assess criminal penalties against individuals who willfully fail to file a BE-10.

The extension date for filing Form BE-10 is August 31, 2020.

The tax professionals at Diosdi Ching and Liu, LLP are available to advise you regarding your BE-10 filing requirements.

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