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Did You Receive Notice of an IRS Audit?

Did You Receive Notice of an IRS Audit?

The IRS informs taxpayers of audits by mail. If you received an audit notice by any other means – phone, email, etc. – it is likely a scam, and you should not respond with any information. That said, what happens if you receive proper notice of a tax audit?

First off, never panic or ignore the audit notice. Instead, seek help from a San Francisco tax audit attorney who can help with every step of the process.

What Happens Next?

You might have one of three types of audits:

  • A correspondence audit takes place via written communications
  • An office audit requires you to go into an IRS field office
  • A field audit involves an IRS agent coming to your home or office to review your documents

In all of these audits, the agent will want to confirm information supporting some or all of a prior tax return. You will need to gather extensive documentation to provide, and the specific information you need will depend on your situation. A skilled tax audit lawyer can help you gather:

  • Receipts, bills, and proof of payment
  • Travel logs for business purposes
  • Criminal or civil judgments and court records
  • Employment documents
  • Court orders for divorce, alimony, and child support
  • Proof of property purchases
  • Loan or credit agreements
  • Proof of insurance claims
  • Medical bills and records
  • Proof of all business write-offs
  • Documents for your tax preparation

Your lawyer can request more time to gather all this information if needed. Then, they will ensure you know your rights and guide you through every step of the audit process.

Consult with a San Francisco Tax Attorney Today

If you are facing a possible audit, seek help from SF Tax Counsel immediately. Contact us to discuss what you might expect and how we can help you throughout this often stressful process.