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Did You Get an Audit Notice?

Did You Get an Audit Notice?

Most people assume that an audit will never happen to them. After all, they are honest on their taxes and pay what they should, so why would they be audited? But then, a notice of audit arrives in the mail, and you start to wonder whether you made mistakes on your taxes that can get you in trouble. What is the best course of action in this situation?

Contact a Tax Attorney

First, you should always consult with a San Francisco tax lawyer if you receive notice that you will be audited. We can review the returns in question, as well as all communications from the IRS. We can assist you in gathering and submitting all of the necessary information and documentation to the auditor.

When an attorney helps you respond properly and in a timely manner to your audit, you can demonstrate that the information on your taxes is correct. If there are errors, a lawyer who regularly handles audit cases can help you rectify the matter and mitigate the damage that you face for the mistake.

After the IRS completes the audit, you will receive communications regarding the adjustments and changes the auditor proposes for those tax returns. Such adjustments will often mean that you will have additional tax liability. We can review the proposed changes and help you decide whether to agree with them or challenge them. You must file your protest or appeal within 15 days, so you should never wait to address this matter.

Speak with San Francisco Tax Attorneys Right Away

When the IRS decides you are up for an audit, the process can move quickly. You should consult with our tax legal team at Diosdi, Ching & Liu, LLP, as soon as possible. Contact us for a meeting so we can assess your situation and to learn how we can help.