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Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Business Tax Preparation in 2019?

Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Business Tax Preparation in 2019?

While many tax lawyers in San Francisco can help address issues that arise after you file taxes, few will help with the actual preparation and filing of business taxes, often because most tax lawyers are not accountants. When they do, it is often at a premium cost. At SF Tax Counsel, however, we offer the services of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Enrolled Agents (EAs) – and we do so at a reasonable cost for your business. We regularly handle the following for business owners:

  • Partnership returns
  • Corporate returns
  • International business taxes

The question that many owners have is – do you really need the assistance of a tax law firm come tax season in 2019?

Business taxes are always complicated, as you want to minimize your tax liability as much as possible while remaining in full compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. Many company owners try to save money by handling their own tax returns, only to realize later they have made a costly mistake. Mistakes can result in audits, unnecessary penalties, or even criminal allegations of fraud.

It is better to seek professional help from the start to prevent issues down the road. Hiring a tax attorney to help with tax preparation will often cost much less time, energy, and money than hiring an attorney to help deal with the IRS questioning the validity of your returns.

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Our San Francisco tax attorneys deal with a wide range of business returns – from the relatively simple to the highly complex. We understand domestic and international corporate tax issues and requirements, and we can assist you and your business. Call  Diosdi, Ching & Liu, LLP at 415.318. 3990 or contact us online to learn more about our tax law services today.