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Tax Tips for the End of the Year

Tax Tips for the End of the Year

As 2019 comes to a close, so does the tax year. With a month left in the year, there are still some moves you can make to decrease your tax liability come spring.

Deferring Income

You will owe taxes on the income you receive in 2019, though in many cases, it might be possible to put off income until after the New Year. Even if you earned income in 2019, you will not pay taxes on it this year if you do not receive the funds until 2020. Deferring year-end bonuses, commissions, or other earnings until January can decrease your liability for 2019.

Accelerate Deductions

As you defer income, you also might seek possible last-minute deductions to lower your bill even further. Some possible deductions might include:

  • Charitable contributions
  • Paying estimated state or property income tax bills due in early 2020
  • Paying medical bills
  • Making purchases for a business

Selling Investments for Losses

If you had gains in 2019, you might consider selling not-so-successful investments to offset those gains. If your losses exceed your gains, you can use up to $3,000 to offset income, as well, and additional losses can carry over to next year.

Maximize Retirement Contributions

If you have a tax-deferred retirement account, make sure you maximize your contributions for 2019 by the relevant deadline. This can increase your retirement savings (especially if your company also contributes) while lowering your income for tax purposes.

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