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What to Do if You are Facing a Tax Audit

What to Do if You are Facing a Tax Audit

Unless you are receiving a refund or stimulus payment, no one wants to receive communications from the IRS. In many cases, such unexpected letters include notices of an audit for either your personal or business taxes. Some audits are random and could never be predicted, while others are triggered by discrepancies or suspected inaccuracies on your tax returns.

If you receive notice of an audit, the coming weeks can be inconvenient, as you will need to gather a significant amount of information. It can be tempting to ignore the notice and hope the issue disappears, though it will not disappear, and failing to address and handle an audit properly can have serious consequences.

You should contact an experienced tax audit attorney in San Francisco as soon as you learn about a pending audit. A tax audit attorney can help you gather all the documentation you need to support your tax returns, as well as prepare your response to the IRS. You should never respond to an audit notice on your own or without all of the necessary information and documentation.

The audit itself will often occur in person with an IRS auditor. You should have your tax lawyer attend the audit with you, as they will know how to properly respond to the auditor’s questions in a manner that aims to minimize the consequences of the audit. Your attorney will also know your rights as an audited taxpayer and will work to uphold those rights throughout the process.

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