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How IRS Criminal Investigations Work

How IRS Criminal Investigations Work

Many people who have unpaid taxes worry about how much they will owe the IRS, though they do not consider that the agency might launch a criminal investigation into possible tax evasion or tax fraud. If you believe that you might be under investigation by the IRS, it is essential that you contact a tax lawyer in San Francisco as soon as possible to protect your rights and your future.

The IRS investigates many issues, including:

  • Fraud of tax return preparers
  • Abusive tax schemes
  • Corporate tax fraud
  • Financial institution fraud
  • Illegal gaming operations
  • Identity theft
  • Fraudulent returns or refunds
  • Evasion of tax liability

The process begins when a tax auditor refers a case to the IRS Criminal Investigations unit due to suspicions of criminal conduct. Special IRS investigators then conduct a preliminary analysis to determine whether to launch a criminal investigation. If they open an investigation, agents will take necessary steps to gather evidence and information surrounding the suspicions, which might include:

  • Witness interviews
  • Subpoena of financial records
  • Surveillance
  • Search warrants to search homes or offices

In many situations, it will come to your attention that you are under investigation, and it is critical to contact an attorney who helps with criminal tax cases right away.

If an IRS investigator recommends your case for prosecution, you are facing potentially harsh penalties, including fines and perhaps even time in federal prison. You should take any investigations highly seriously and seek the legal help you need.

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