Tax Law Attorneys

Tax Law Attorneys

We Understand Complicated Tax Laws to Best Assist Our Clients

The Internal Revenue Code is a lengthy and complex set of laws that sets out rules and restrictions applying to many different types of situations. The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, it is more evident than ever how quickly federal legislators can make sweeping changes to tax laws that affect a large percentage of the population in major ways.

It is no surprise that most people do not know the intricacies of changing tax laws, especially if they have changing life circumstances, as well. This is where our team of highly experienced tax lawyers comes in. We stay on top of the changing tax code to ensure that our clients are not only in compliance but that they meet their tax planning objectives in light of the new guidelines.

We can assist with tax law understanding and application regarding:

  • Consumer income reporting and deductions
  • Divorce
  • Real estate sales or purchases
  • Partnership or corporate taxes
  • Estate planning and trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Stock option planning
  • Business entity planning
  • International taxes
  • Tax treaties

Not all tax laws apply to filing your consumer or corporate returns. Some laws specifically address what happens if individuals or businesses fail to pay taxes, make errors on their returns, or even purposely try to avoid paying taxes. Our attorneys understand how all of these laws work, as well, and we know how to defend our clients against any allegations by the IRS.

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You have a busy life and do not have time to study all relevant tax laws to ensure compliance and effective tax planning. This is why you should seek assistance from the tax lawyers at Diosdi & Liu, LLP. We handle tax-related matters across the United States, so please call 833.829.4376 or contact us online to discuss our services today.