Tax Litigation Attorneys

Tax Litigation Attorneys

Experienced Litigators Defending Clients Against IRS Determinations

Dealing with the IRS can always be intimidating, and many people feel helpless when an official makes an adverse determination stemming from an audit. It is important to realize that an auditor’s decision is not final and there is often the opportunity to contest the matter in court. Both tax laws and the court system are very complicated, and you need representation by a qualified tax ligation attorney throughout the whole process.

There are many reasons why individuals or companies may need to litigate a tax matter, including:

  • Challenging lowered income or disallowed deductions by an auditor
  • Challenging unfair tax and penalty assessments
  • Challenging estate and gift tax valuations
  • Bringing tax collection disputes
  • Contesting FBAR penalties
  • Defending against civil penalties for negligence or fraud
  • Defending against criminal tax charges

We have represented many types of parties, including individuals, partnerships, corporations, international parties, estates, and more.

Our attorneys assist clients during all stages of a case, including dealing with assessors and auditors, administrative levels of the IRS, and the Tax Division of the Department of Justice when needed. We’ve represented clients before the United States Tax Court, the Court of Federal Claims, the Federal District Courts, the Bankruptcy Court, and the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal. We can also help prior to litigation during audits and investigations.

Call Our Tax Litigation Lawyers for Assistance as Soon as Possible

You should always contact our law firm right away if you learn you are being audited or if you have already received an unjust tax or penalty assessment from the IRS. We can evaluate whether you have a valid contest and whether litigation is the right option in your case. Please call Diosdi & Liu, LLP at 833.829.4376 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.