Tax Planning Attorneys

Tax Planning Attorneys

Helping Clients Plan Ahead to Minimize Tax Liability

Paying taxes is a reality for many households and companies in the United States. However, too many parties pay unnecessary taxes because they are not familiar with all applicable tax laws. The Internal Revenue Code is extraordinarily complex and you should always have a tax planning attorney evaluate your situation to identify any laws that can reduce your tax burden. Our lawyers at SF Tax Counsel help clients with tax planning in even the most complicated circumstances.

Personal Tax Planning – We help individuals and married couples plan from the start of the year to maximize their deductions and minimize liability. Our attorneys can assist with the following and more:

  • Planning to utilize deductions.
  • Planning to minimize or avoid federal income taxation
  • Planning to defer taxation through like-kind exchanges, installment sales or other methods.
  • Planning to maximize the use of favorable capital gains and qualified dividends.
  • Tax compliance and tax reporting opinions.

Business Tax Planning – Taxes can get more complex for partnerships, corporations, and other businesses. We help companies of all types and sizes implement planning strategies, including:

  • Business entity planning to determine which entity is the most appropriate to utilize for federal tax purposes.
  • Stock option planning for federal income tax purposes.
  • Entity planning for asset protection purposes.

International Tax Planning – We are leaders in international tax planning for multinational companies, individuals with offshore accounts, people living and working in another country, and more. Global tax planning can involve:

  • Check-the-box tax planning.
  • Pre-immigration and expatriation tax planning.
  • Planning for the PFIC and CFC rules.
  • Planning to minimize royalty and intangible federal income taxation.
  • FATCA planning.
  • International tax reporting and compliance planning.
  • Importer and exporter planning.
  • Planning for international reorganizations for purposes of Internal Revenue Code Section 367 and the inversion rules.
  • Tax treaty planning.
  • U.S. taxation of nonresidents
  • Foreign tax credit planning
  • Foreign trust taxation.
  • FBAR compliance

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