Tax Preparation Attorneys

Tax Preparation Attorneys

Providing Trusted Tax Preparation Services to Consumers and Businesses

You should never risk making costly errors on your taxes that could result in financial losses or even criminal charges. Even small mistakes on your consumer or corporate tax returns can lead to unnecessary tax liability, lengthy audits, and other complications. Protect yourself and your finances from the very beginning by hiring an experienced tax preparation lawyer at SF Tax Counsel.

Reliable and Experienced Tax Professionals

Our law firm offers a full range of tax preparation services by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Enrolled Agents (EAs). We understand that you should never pay too much for tax prep, so we make sure that our services are cost-effective and only add value to your returns. We provide tax preparation for a wide variety of situations, including:

  • Consumer returns
  • Corporate or partnership returns
  • International taxes

We know how to accurately report income and claim deductions in full compliance with U.S. tax laws. We take a comprehensive approach toward all types of taxes, from the planning stage to implementing that plan through tax filings. Whether you have intricate investments, business interests, stock options, immigration concerns, or other issues that seem out of the ordinary, our team can skillfully address those issues and prepare your tax returns.

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While many people naturally dread tax season, our legal team views this time as an opportunity to assist our clients and protect their assets. We take on the responsibility of tax preparation so that you can focus on your everyday life as usual without concern. Let us navigate the complex web of tax laws for you – call the law firm of Diosdi & Liu, LLP at 833.829.4376 or contact us online. We help clients across the U.S. with all tax-related legal matters.