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What are the Tax Deadlines for 2022?

What are the Tax Deadlines for 2022?

Tax day is one of the more stressful times for individual and corporate filers. By December 31, you have made all of the decisions that could impact your tax picture for 2021. Now, it is time to get to the actual work of filing your tax return.

Tax day is not always April 15. When the day falls on a weekend, the IRS will give you additional time to file taxes because the deadline depends on when your tax return can be postmarked. This year, April 15 falls out on a Friday. Midnight ends up being on a Saturday, so the IRS will give you time to get to the post office to mail your return.

The Tax Deadline Is a Little Later This Year

This year, the first Monday after the weekend falls on April 18. Accordingly, this is the deadline for this year. You must have your return postmarked by midnight of that day in order to be considered on time. Otherwise, you can face late filing penalties when you owe the IRS money.

If you do not owe the IRS money, you can request an extension to file your income tax returns. This must also be done by April 18. If you request an extension, your income tax filing would now be due on October 17.

California also has an April 18 due date for tax returns. You can also get an automatic extension, and you do not even need to file a form. This is also a six-month extension.

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