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When Should I Call a Tax Attorney?

When Should I Call a Tax Attorney?

There are high stakes involved anytime that you are involved in a tax dispute. The federal government can assess tax penalties, and they may even refer you for criminal prosecution. You should be careful about dealing with the IRS on your own because bad things can happen.

The IRS will send you a notification that you are being audited. They may have already done work on their own and determined that you owe money. If you are being audited, you are in potential danger. The IRS may request additional information and documentation underlying your return. Problems can grow worse based on what the IRS finds. Preferably, you should have an attorney interface with the IRS on your behalf.

You may also need to reach a compromise with the IRS if you owe more than you are able to pay right now. You can negotiate with the IRS, even when you owe a lot of money. Taxpayers can make an offer in settlement to the IRS. You can get extra time to pay what you owe. An attorney can use their knowledge to help you negotiate with the IRS.

You should never have any outstanding issues with the IRS, you need to make an effort to resolve them. The agency can garnish your paycheck, and it can even seize your bank account. If you have not already hired an attorney, you should retain one to bring the matter to a close. The IRS also has some motivation to negotiate with you, so they can get some money.

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